Malawi Chairs

Malawian Chairs

There is an understated and timeless beauty to every handcrafted Malawian Chair, which tells a story of passion, purpose and commitment. Created by locals in the African country of Malawi and proudly sold by our family-owned and run Handmade in Malawi team, we’re presenting the essence of African craftsmanship and creativity to you.

Our range of exceptionally crafted, fumigated and pre-levelled Malawian Chairs have the potential to bring life to any living room or add a natural edge to your workspace or office. There are a few options when deciding on a Malawian Chair that best represents your style, from the traditional Malawian Chair to our latest additions, the Single Malawian Chair in White or Black, or the double Malawian Chair. You’ll be thrilled by your investment, as Malawian Chairs rarely go unnoticed, and are often admired. Whether you’re interested in a Malawian Chair in Cape Town or want to add the magic of a Malawian Chair to your Johannesburg or Durban home or office, we will work with you on How to Style Malawi Chairs and share our tried and tested tips for taking care of this stunning piece of furniture.

By understanding the dedication and time that goes into producing just one perfect Malawi Chair, it is easy to see why this unique chair can become a gorgeous asset to your family’s home, inside or outside and in any room. There are no limits to the potential of expression and delight a Malawian Chair can add to your life.


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