Malawi Chairs

Malawi Chairs in Johannesburg

Whether you’re furnishing a dining room or adding a simple statement piece to your home or office in Johannesburg, Malawi Chairs offer authentic beauty to any space that won’t go unnoticed. Each signature Malawi Chair tells its own story and is conscientiously handcrafted in Malawi by local artisans, before our Handmade in Malawi team receive it for fumigating and levelling.

Woven with love and precision, each Johannesburg Malawi Chair is made from 100% natural materials (mainly bamboo and rattan), and the process of creation to complete just one of these gorgeous chairs takes 10 whole days. Because of their rustic feel and simplistic beauty, there are so many ways to effectively incorporate Malawi Chairs into your living or working spaces. Knowing how to style your Malawi Chair is important, so that it can fit your current décor and interior design while standing out and making an impression. Our affordably priced and excellent quality Malawi Chairs can be delivered to you for added convenience.

For an inspired and elegant touch, a uniquely African Malawi Chair can transform the look and feel of any area, inside or outside, understated or luxurious. Our Johannesburg Malawi Chairs are strong, comfortable and, if cared for properly, will grace your lifestyle for many years to come.


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