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About Handmade in Malawi

Handmade in Malawi is a family-owned and operated company based in Cape Town, South Africa and launched in 2018.

We hold a strong passion and belief in providing less fortunate cultures an opportunity to share their craftsman’s skills with the western world. Whilst monetary and physical aid is important, we believe in providing these cultures with the long term stepping stones to develop and grow not only as our trading partners, but as a community with a growing, sound economic structure.

Our focus and drive has always been to deliver outstanding customer service through the supply of high quality imported Malawi chairs, friendly service combined with exceptional prices and fast delivery.

Our products are handmade in Malawi, Southern Africa. They are made one piece at a time using natural materials therefore no two products will ever be exactly alike. As far back as 1979, master craftsmen in Malawi have been weaving care, love and consummate skill into these signature chairs – a time-consuming process that takes months to plan, and a full 10 days of work to create a single chair.

The result is a chair woven from completely natural materials, meticulously crafted by hand and designed to be strong, sturdy, and beautifully elegant too – the perfect fit for a bedroom, lounge, dining room and outdoor space as well. Even better, as every chair is handmade, every chair is completely unique as well – so you can be sure that each of your Malawi chairs is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


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