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Malawi Chairs for sale

Our passion at Handmade in Malawi is to showcase Malawian Chairs for what they are, while empowering creative Malawi communities to develop economically. Every one of the Malawi Chairs for sale on our website are lovingly and meticulously handmade, from careful and advanced planning to the creation of each chair, a process that takes about 10 days from start to finish.

The Malawi Chairs for sale range from the single natural version to single options in black and white, keeping with various trends and fitting into any interior theme, from modern to bohemian, industrial or classic. Our range of chairs for sale also includes a smaller Malawian Chair for kids, which is just as sturdy and beautiful as the original size. The latest addition to our Malawi Chair collection is the double Malawian Chair, which seats two people and is a unique design based on the single Malawian Chair, with the same consideration to detail and comfort. Combining strength with intricacy and finesse, each Malawi Chair for sale at Handmade in Malawi is first fumigated and levelled, before being collected by or delivered to you. We also advise clients on how to care for their Malawi Chairs once purchased, to make the most of their investment.

The versatility of Malawi Chairs makes it simple to incorporate them into your home, workspace or even outdoor entertainment areas. A touch of Malawian Craftsmanship and a flair of African expression is unmistakable in these handcrafted chairs, adding a whole new element of depth and storytelling wherever they are placed. Each of our Malawi Chairs for sale have the potential to enhance your lifestyle and add magic to your home.


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