Malawi Chairs

Malawi Cane Chairs

The exquisitely put together Malawi Cane Chair adds traditional charm to any room, and is a priceless asset in any home or establishment. Whether you’re design simply requires a statement piece of furniture that reminisces of home, or whether you’re drawn to the strength and beauty of handmade Malawi Cane Chairs, these durable chairs are the picture of Africa and its people.

There are no two Malawi Cane Chairs that are identical, as each one is carefully handcrafted in Malawi by a talented local, based on a unique craft that was initially mastered in the late 1970’s. While enjoying your Malawi Chair in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, you can be transported to the heart of Africa and can appreciate the hard work and many hours that go into producing just one Malawi Cane Chair. An attractive range of Malawian Chairs are available online through our website, from the traditional Malawi Cane Chair to the black version, white version and a smaller one for kids. Perfect for a lovely patio or lounging area, the double Malawi Chair is a comfortable and lovely resting place.

Being both family-owned and operated, it brings our Handmade in Malawi team a world of joy to uplift rural Malawian communities, while in turn presenting modern South African’s with the opportunity to own authentic Malawi Cane Chairs. We welcome you to celebrate the incredible efforts of dedicated, artistic Malawian locals while also styling your home or workspace in a unique and outstanding way.


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