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Traditional 2-Seater Hanging Chair



!!! Delivered within 2 weeks of purchase COUNTRYWIDE !!!

When people say the words ‘Malawian cane chair,’ this traditional design is often what comes to mind. Also known as a ‘Malawi Chair,’ this is as authentic as it gets, when it comes to adding some authentic flavour to your home. Effortless, yet intricately detailed, the unique design of our Hanging Chair is sure to be an enviable seat in any home. The frame is best hung from beams in any room or deck – just quietly owning the space it’s in.

Dimensions (as a guide – remember no two chairs are the same!):

Depth 70cm

Width 135cm

Height 52cm

Weight 10kg

Hanging rope and cushions are not included. The Cushion can be purchased separately (Please order the Double Traditional Chair Cushion). You will need minimum 2 x 5-metre length of 16mm rope (We do not sell the rope)

Product imperfections can occur: For more information on our celebrated product imperfections, please read our Blog post “How our woven chair is made”.


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