Malawi Chairs

Malawi Furniture

If you are decorating your home and hoping to find that signature piece to tie the room together, then look no further than Handmade in Malawi. Our beautifully intricate and handmade Malawi Furniture is designed to provide comfort and style with a touch of rustic elegance that will enhance any interior or exterior aesthetic.

As a family-owned and run business, we pride ourselves on celebrating the artistry in traditional African craftsmanship with furniture that speaks to the strength and natural beauty of Malawi itself. Whether you’re interested in furniture for your home, garden or office, Handmade in Malawi provides a wide variety of options that are guaranteed to compliment any space with a level of versatility rare in furniture today. Our Malawi Furniture effortlessly fits into any living area with character and charm, from the lounge to the bedroom, kids’ rooms, the patio or the office. Our Malawi Cushions, made to fit any Malawi Chair design, can easily be added for a little extra comfort.

Meticulously created with all-natural materials by our dedicated and talented craftsmen, each chair is carefully fumigated and pre-levelled to guarantee strong and sustainable furniture for you. Along with the peace of mind of knowing that your furniture is free of nasty bugs, a distinct advantage of Malawi Furniture is that no two pieces are ever identical, resulting in perfect and unique handmade pieces every time.

With a range of furniture options to suit any size space while complimenting any personal aesthetic, Malawi Furniture is the natural and easily affordable choice to upgrade your style. Our stunning chairs are authentically created and can be delivered to Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg for your convenience.


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