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Buhera Baskets

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Buhera Baskets are woven by the women of the small district of Buhera in Zimbabwe. Originally these baskets were used to store and serve grains and are made from the Ilala palm leaves. The baskets are still used for their traditional purpose in Buhera and some other small districts.

These incredible Buhera baskets come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes and can be placed as unique organic sculpture in the modern home.

Please note that many of our handmade items are one of a kind, perfectly imperfect, vintage and have indigenous decorative repair work which we believe adds to the intrinsic value and beauty of the items. No two items are exactly the same.

Colour: Natural
Handcrafted in Zimbabwe from Ilala Palm Leaves.
Durable – won’t crack from heat or humidity or warp.
Not suitable for airless environments where mold may occur.
NB: Suitable for covered outdoor areas away from all weather and moist environments.

25-30cm (Extra Small)
31-50cm (Small)
51-70cm (Medium)
71-80cm (Large)
91-100cm (Extra Large)


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